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Shark Fin Soup

Image courtesy of National Geographic For those of you who didn't know, its Shark Week, the annual event where the Discovery Channel airs all programs related to these top predators. You have until Sunday night to get your shark fix in! Shark Week also brings up another topic: the near extinction of these magnificent creatures. As predators at or near the top of marine food webs, sharks have helped maintain the balance of marine life in our oceans for the past 400 million years. Research shows that the massive depletion of sharks has cascading effects throughout our oceans. Fins from...

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Aquatic Series by OMUNKY

It's finally here! Oh, how exciting! Aren't you excited!? Three of my favorite OMUNKY shirts are now in the shop. I'm a huge fan of marine life, so this release was very special to me. I give you the Aquatic Series: All three of these shirts are printed on super soft 100% ring spun cotton tees that soften with each wash. Both Octoband (The one-man errr octopus band) and Slowly Swimming (the turtle with the water wings) are available in all sizes, while the Pool Shark is available in men's and women's cuts. All three designs will become your favorite...

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Time for a Summer Sale!

As a token of my appreciation for being so awesome, I am offering you a sweet summer sale to help distract you from this crazy-hot weather. From now until the end of 7/21, take 25% off of your order with coupon code: HOT! (don't forget the exclamation point). Add to the fact that you get FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING, and I think you guys are walking away with a pretty sweet deal. I think its time to put a little wildlife in your wardrobe....

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Nyack's Famous Street Fair = HOT!

Have you ever been so hot you couldn't think straight? That was definitely happening to me yesterday at Nyack's Famous Street Fair. Wow, I was boiling and no amount of icy cold beverages could quench my thirst! I'm surprised anyone stepped out of their air-conditioned homes, let alone came to this street fair. Well, either way, I had a lot of fun hanging with my Nyack friends and selling some tees. I also really enjoyed all of the live musical acts that were sprouting out randomly. Most of my upcoming shows will be in various parts of NYC. Make sure...

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