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OMUNKY in Brooklyn

As I've said a few times before, I was very nervous about taking OMUNKY to Brooklyn. Nothing against this borough, but I only have a certain amount of days I can do shows and they all pretty much have to be awesome if I wish to conquer the world. Last time I was in Brooklyn I didn't do so well. Maybe my stuff is better now, or maybe the location was, whatever. OMUNKY <3 Brooklyn! This was an amazing street fair! I met a bunch of great people who just loved my wares. At the end of the day, I was exhausted,...

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Farm Photos with Friends

What happens when you put a group of friends, some sweet OMUNKY tees, and a farm together? You get some awesome Farm Series photos. We had a lot of fun running around and climbing on random trucks and tractors. Here is the end result of that awesome day. I give you the FARM SERIES LOOKBOOK.

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I <3 Tarrytown

When the last two shows you've done were accompanied by cold and rain, you start to get nervous about doing the next one, especially when the forecast calls for 30% precip and isolated t-storms. Yikes! Well, Tarrytown, NY was having none of that nonsense. It decided that yesterday was going to have clear skies and be a wonderful 82 degrees. Yup, T-Town and I just get each other. The 26th Annual Tarrytown Craft, Food, and Street Fair was one of the best shows I've ever done. I got to spend the day selling shirts, chatting with friends, and meeting locals. Who could ask for anything...

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Let the Shows Begin!

The First Show of the Year! Man, it seems like forever since I was getting ready for one of these! I've really missed it. I forgot how much fun it is to sell my wares at a show. This year I plan on doing it bigger and better than ever before. This means more shows, more locations, and more OMUNKY! Nyack Springfest - Sunday, April 14th from 10AM - 5PM Starting off, OMUNKY is heading to good old Rockland County for their Nyack Springfest. We had the pleasure of selling at this show last year, and it was a great...

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