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Happy Thanksgiving from OMUNKY

OMUNKY wishes all of you a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Hope you have a great day spent with your friends and family. Oh, and to Terrence the Turkey, well, there's no easy way to say this... Totally Unrelated Turkey Soccer! Oh, and before I forget, stop on by tomorrow for some exciting savings! #omunkyblackfriday

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Shark Fin Soup

Image courtesy of National Geographic For those of you who didn't know, its Shark Week, the annual event where the Discovery Channel airs all programs related to these top predators. You have until Sunday night to get your shark fix in! Shark Week also brings up another topic: the near extinction of these magnificent creatures. As predators at or near the top of marine food webs, sharks have helped maintain the balance of marine life in our oceans for the past 400 million years. Research shows that the massive depletion of sharks has cascading effects throughout our oceans. Fins from...

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OMUNKY on MSNBC Your Business

Last thursday, I got to go on MSNBC's Your Business and do an "Elevator Pitch". This is a cool concept, where you have a minute to pitch your idea to potential investors, as if you were joining them in an elevator. Now, for those fo you who know me, you won't recognize this nervous wreck on camera. I am terrible at memorizing speeches. In fact, when I normally have to give one, I just wing it! Oh well, this was still fun. Maybe one day I can go back on for an interview!

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