Subtle Series by OMUNKY

Introducing a New Ongoing Series

Yawwwwn, is it time to get back to work yet? Looks like it! Let's get started!

Winter is over, and it's time to start releasing some new gear. I would very much like to welcome a new series I've been thinking about for a long time. The Subtle Series will feature some new and old designs, broken down to their very basic elements, using various shirt colors to make everything pop! They are going to be some of the most colorful tees in OMUNKY history. With super soft discharge ink prints to top it off, these will be some of the softest, most comfortable shirts in existence! I'm not kidding!

Also, it will be a recurring series, which will be constantly added to, based on the demand. What I'm saying is, if you were to perhaps head on over to the shop and buy out all of my new designs, I would be forced to make more! It's as simple as that ;)

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