Up in the Mountains

It's hard to believe summer is almost over. I don't want it to go! It's just been so lovely out lately. I know it's hot, but there is something about being able to walk around in shorts and flip-flops that makes me so happy. 

Anyways, nothing goes better with a pair of shorts and sandals then a super soft t-shirt! So without further ado...


Up in the Mountains

The Camel Commuter shirt has been extremely popular this year. So I thought I would indulge those people who like to ride off-road and give them another animal on a bike. I thought about a few that would be funny, and then it just hit me. Has anyone ever really designed a mountain goat on a mountain bike? Well, there you have it...

Mountain Goats are extremely strong and agile creatures. They have to be in order to navigate the steep hills where they make their homes. So, you know that if they got their hands on a mountain bike, they would absolutely own it. Who's to say they haven't built a few half pipes up in the mountains already?

Up in the Mountains is printed on a Cool Blue 100% ring-spun cotton t-shirt in sizes XS-2X. 

Camel Commuter (Light Olive)

Guess who's back in stock?? I know a lot of you have been requesting this one, and it's here! Huzzah! The new Camel Commuter comes in sizes Small to X-Large, so grab one today before they're gone...again!


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