Spring Cleaning Sale - 20% OFF!

I've got some great designs and ideas in store for you this year. It's going to be so much fun showing off my new goods. But, until then, help me make room in the ol' warehouse. Let's have a sweet sale to clear out some OMUNKY gear.

Starting today and lasting for the rest of April, take 20% off your order with coupon code: OMUNKYLove (that's fitting, right). This coupon is good towards ANY item in the shop, even the ones that have already been marked down! Who knows, maybe I have one of the oldies in your size! Oh please please plllleeeaaasssseeee!

Anyways, like I said before, this offer is good for the rest of April (ends 4/30 at 11:59PM EST), but you are not the only person to get this email. Others have this information. That perfect shirt in your perfect size could be being added to someone else's shopping cart as you're reading this! Ahhhh!!! So, hurry, go! Pick up that shirt, or belt, or print. You've earned it! You make good money. You get to do what you want. Treat yourself!

Local MUNKYheads

For those of you who've had the pleasure of buying from me in person, you might notice the Upcoming Shows page is rather empty. Not to worry! I'm just waiting for the final NYC schedule of events so that I can add those shows and a few more.


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