It's Raining Outside...

Wow, really? It is!? Tell me more oh wise MUNKY!

Ok, settle down. I chose that as a title for this post because, for some reason, while staring out my window, I thought, "I should proably update my blog". It has been a while, indeed. I apologize for the lack of posts.

I've been doing this OMUNKY thing for a while now, and I find this time of year to be probably one of my least favorite. It's cold outside and I sell t-shirts. Hmmmm. This was never meant to work out. One day I may start catering to your winter wardrobe, but that day hasn't come yet. For now, I can only prepare for the spring.

And what a spring it's going to be! Just thinking about it makes me excited. I have already begun to sign up for shows (some of which I didn't get into last year). I am also hard at work on a very special set of designs that will be promoted in a very special way. I can't wait to reveal those to you. But, for now, it remains hush hush!

In the meantime, I currently have some amazing shirts in the shop. If you haven't picked up one yet I'm not sure what you're waiting for. They won't be available in your size forever. So get on it!

Ok, February, I'm over you, and I'm over winter as a whole. Spring cannot come soon enough.

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