New Fall Tees!


The wait is over! It's time to announce the newest additions to the OMUNKY family. I give you three sweet new designs for the Fall.

1. Getaway Gorilla - The Sequel

Welcome to OMUNKY's first ever design sequel. This shirt contiues the story of Gabe the Getaway Gorilla and his mission to leave his Zoo and live by himself in Alaska. This shirt is available in a cool Asphalt color and comes in Men's and Women's sizes.


2. "King" of the Classroom

So you're visiting your parents (perhaps with a significant other who is meeting them for the first time). Everything seems to be going smoothly when your mother decides that the room just doesn't feel awkward enough. It's time to get nostalgic and whip out the kiddy pics! As you're perusing through one of your old high school yearbooks, you spot a face that looks vaguely familiar. Oh no! That hair, that lame smile, what was I thinking???

I created this design to make fun of the King of the Jungle (fun fact: Lions don't live in the jungle). I mean, what other animal would be as embarrassed if one of his old high school photos surfaced, especially around his pride. He's got a lot riding on his reputation and colorful braces don't help much.

This design comes in a cool dark cranberry tee and is available in all sizes, from Men's and Women's to Youth (8-12 years) and Toddler's (2-4).


3. Bubbles the Bear

OMUNKY is all about having fun and enjoying the little things in life. In this case we have a black bear that has figured out how to blow bubbles! Well, good for him. Sure, he may need to take a break to begin storing up that much needed fat so he can survive hibernation. But, hey, let him work at his own pace.


4. Foxes in Fall - REPRINT

People just love this shirt. I guess it's the whole playful aspect of it. Anyways, it's back in Men's, Women's, and Youth sizes.


Well, that's it! Pretty sweet shirts, huh? Head on over to the shop and pick up a few!

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