OMUNKY Black Friday Weekend Sale

It's that special time of the year. After stuffing our faces with delicious food, and catching up with long lost relatives, we're now expected to put on our shopping armor and hunt for the elusive deals and savings that await us at our local mall or big box store. This is every person for themselves people! There are HDTVs and video game systems out there that need to be in your shopping cart! Is there an old lady between you and that which you desire? You know what to do....

Or, you could stay home, recover from your food coma, wake up at a reasonable hour, have a cup of Joe, wear those Batman pajamas that are really comfy but you're too embarrassed to let anyone see you in, and, I don't know, maybe later, hop online!

In case you didn't notice the giant sign above this rambling of words, OMUNKY is having some sweet sweet savings all weekend long. Spend $30 or more and you'll save 30% with coupon code: Save30. Drop $20 or more and save 20% with code: Save20. Finally, spend $100 or more and you'll save 10% with coupon code: Save10! Just kidding, you just have to spend $10. I just wanted to see if you were paying attention. You probably thought that was a typo (mom) and were planning on writing me a long email about how I need to let someone proofread my posts so as not to look amateur. Hah! Shows you! I'm an adult! Let me live my life!

Haha! Just kidding. I love my mom, and I'll love you too if you click right here.

Just a quick heads up: this sale is good through Monday, 12/1, which means you have until 11:59PM EST of that day to save!

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