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First Kids Photoshoot

You'd think I would've done this sooner! OMUNKY has some sweet kid-sized shirts, yet there was no way for online customers to see that. As of today, this has been fixed! I want to thank Lovelle and his parents for making this happen. I also want to thank my friend/die-hard OMUNKY customer, Cynthia, for getting us together today for one of my favorite photoshoots. So parents, let's get some kids tees for the little ones, ok? LINK

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Look What I Found! - Video

I was traversing the www last night in an attempt to show a friend of mine the OMUNKY printing process (my printers uploaded a video a while back of one  of my tees at their print shop) and I came across this gem.  This is an unexpected surprise. I want to take this time to thank Vince, the man behind the video, for saying nice things about my Wet Walrus tee. I hope you are enjoying that biodegradable plastic bag ;) Maybe I should hold some type of video review contest in the future....

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A Lovely Little Photoshoot

Though it was relatively quick, we had a fun time shooting the new OMUNKY Spring Line Tees. Here are some of the best shots: Check out OMUNKY's Spring Tees to see these in action!

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