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Merry Christmas Munkys!

Two merry blue eyesA very little noseA long snowy beardAnd cheeks like a roseA round chubby manA big bulging packHurrah for Old SantaWe're glad he's come back! -Short Christmas Poems

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Give the Gift of Choice!

  We're not calling this a cop out, because it's not. Sometimes it better not to guess when it comes to gift giving. Let them choose with the new OMUNKY Gift Cards! Emailed right to you and with no expiration date, they're the perfect gift for that special someone who likes to play by their own rules.  The first person to purchase a Gift Card after reading this blog post gets 20% off with code: GiftGiver20. The next ten people get 15% off with code: GiftGiver. Better hurry, because these promo codes only last until Christmas! LINK

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Don't Ruin Xmas

Order by 3pm EST on 12/20 and watch me run to the Post Office! Ok, quit freaking out. You're not a bad parent/brother/sister/wife/husband/cellmate. You just haven't had time to get them that perfect gift. You've been busy! Those Netflix shows aren't going to binge-watch themselves!Raise your right hand in the air (like you just don't care). I want you to imagine I just walked by and gave you the ultimate high-five. You're feeling it, I'm feeling it. We may have become best friends.The point I'm trying to make here is, I've got your back! I've said it a million times, and...

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Free Priority Shipping!

Wow, it's almost Christmas? Already?? That was fast! Where did this year go? Sheesh! Ok, so you've still got some time to get yourself (or someone you love so so much) some sweet OMUNKY tees. Here's what's going down: From now thru 12/20, no matter what you buy, I am giving you FREE SHIPPING! The coupon code is: HappyHolidays (one word) If you spend more than $10, I will bump that shipping up to USPS Priority, so you will get it in time for Xmas If you spend less than $10 (which is actually kind of hard to do when...

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