Floating Feathers

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One warm and sunny afternoon,
I gazed up at a big balloon.
It flew so high and moved so slow,
Its top was bright with green and yellow.

First I thought, “Oh, good for them!”
At further glance I saw no men.
In fact, upon a closer look
A face that could not be mistook.

Soon a tiny head arose,
with small round eyes and a big long nose...
No, not a nose- what a strange physique!
In its place there was a beak.

How could this be, up in the sky?
And why would they bother? Can't ducks fly?
So relaxed, as they floated by,
Lazy ducks in a balloon- Oh my!

As they swayed, back and forth
I checked my compass- they were headed north
They drifted calmly, through the air
without a thought, without a care.

I wonder why they chose to float.
Was it to brag? Was it to gloat?
That they had found the trick, you see,
To getting home hassle-free.

Why fly, why glide, why take less time?
Floating Feathers will do just fine.
What's the point of getting there soon
When you can travel in a big, bright balloon?

100% ring spun cotton 4.3 oz
Comes in American Apparel Aqua
5% of profits go to support WildAid


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