10 Dollar Tees November 11 2014

The holidays are fast approaching. That means it's time to start getting gift ideas together. Do your kids deserve that video game console they've been subtly hinting at all year? Are you going to get your husband or wife that sweet <insert desirable gift here> they've been begging for since <insert date of last gift you got them that didn't go over as well as you'd hoped for>?

As I've said a million times before, OMUNKY's got your back. You're on your own with those expensive purchases. But, nothing says I love you like a t-shirt that is totally worth $24 dollars (but that you really only paid $10 for).

I won't tell them if you won't....


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10 Dollar Tees

New Color Choices for October! October 01 2014

Got a new color choice for the OMUNKY logo tee. This black shirt is available in adult and kid's sizes. I have also restocked the Royal Blue version in men's, youth, and toddler sizes.

Like the new Spots & Shades tank (pictured above)? Me too. You can get that in a unisex size right here. I have also restocked Spots & Shades in Red, Purple, and the Purple Tank. 

Phew! Glad I got that off my chest....

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New Color Choices for October!

The 40th Annual Atlantic Antic is this Sunday! September 22 2014

Got any plans this Sunday? What, you're probably hanging out with friends doing brunch, or maybe spending the day with your parents. Well, screw that noise, you're coming to Brooklyn! That is unless you live really far away. In that case, stop doing everything I tell you and live your life! Make your own choices.

As for the rest of you in the NY vicinity, cancel your plans! Brooklyn is calling. On Sunday, 9/28, the streets of Atlantic Avenue will be closed to make way for some of the coolest merch, tastiest food, sexiest vendors (ahem), and most talented bands. Make way for the 40th Annual Atlantic Antic!

What is the Atlantic Antic, you say? It is only the largest street fair in NY! Don't believe me? Check out the photo below. For someone like me, this is like a second birthday. For someone like you, it's a chance to check out some really awesome stuff.

The 40th Annual Atlantic Antic takes place on Sunday 9/28 from 12-6pm. It will span the entire Atlantic Ave in Brooklyn. I'm not sure where OMUNKY will be located in all the madness yet. When I find out, I will post an update to this post. Hope to see you there!

Here are some links:

Atlantic Ave LDC (The promoter's wesite) and The Facebook event page I created

Now, enjoy this random funny Vine video

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The 40th Annual Atlantic Antic is this Sunday!

Rainy Days September 15 2014

One of the greatest things about doing street fairs in NYC is also one of its biggest drawbacks. You get to be outdoors the entire day, which also means if the weather isn't too nice, you get the worst of it. 

You can easily separate new vendors from veterans based on the equipment they bring to the shows. Merchants who have done this long enough know to bring tents with sidings, some type of weights (more important than you think), and bins or other kinds of weatherproof storage for your valuable goods. There's nothing worse than being unprepared for the elements. 

Rainy days don't necessarily mean a show is a bust. In fact, sometimes, your shelter will bring potential customers into your tent. This can lead to purchases that otherwise wouldn't have happened. But, more often than not, rain makes what could have been a great street fair simply mediocre, especially when it comes to breaking down at the end of the day. 

The lesson to be learned here is this. If you're enjoying a rainy day stroll, and happen upon a street fair, stop by and chat with some of us. Most likely we're not having the best of days, and could use a little cheering up :)

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Rainy Days

Let's Have a Sale this Month September 11 2014

Ahh, September. It signals the end of summer and beginning of fall. For some, it means it's time to go back to school. For others, it means it's time to continue working.

But, you want to know what makes September fun? A Sale! Let's do this!

Enter coupon code: TEMBER20 at checkout and I'll let you take 20% off your order. Think of what you could do with all that cheddar! Hurry, though, because this offer is only good thru Monday 9/15.


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Let's Have a Sale this Month

Here at OMUNKY, we like to give back to our customers. Discounts, stickers, ugly sweaters that we pretended to like during the holiday season (oy, this is awkward). In this case, we'd like to take care of your shipping costs.

No coupon code necessary! All you have to do is purchase $50 or more and you automatically qualify for FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING! Woohoo!

*This code applies to US customers only. Sorry Canada, we still love you like a brother.

Free shipping on US orders